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Nytt nummer av IBA Global Insight nu ute på nätet

IBA Global Insight, International Bar Associations tidskrift, har nu publicerat sitt augustinummer på webben.

Läs bland annat om:

Breaking the banks
As the world looks to international decision-makers to protect against another financial crisis, IBA Global Insight assesses whether the UK’s Vickers report has the answers.

The Iba Profile: Historic justice
After graduating in 1952, Sandra Day O’Connor couldn’t find a law firm willing to give her a job. Nearly 30 years later, she was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, a historic milestone for women’s rights. IBA Global Insight speaks to the former Supreme Court Justice who was at the centre of the contraversial re-election of George W Bush.

Business in China: The risks of the Middle Kingdom
As international businesses seek to maximise the abundant opportunities prestented by the world’s fastest growing economy, IBA Global Insight assesses the issues facing foreign investors venturing outside Beijing or Shanghai.

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